31st Eve – Is it worth?


Date – 31.12.2014. Time – Around 7 p.m. Place – Connaught Place, Delhi. I had come out of Plaza theatre after watching ‘PK’. I was with my family. We thought of getting some food packed from Nizam’s. We decided to sit outside Nizam as we were feeling tired. It was cold and suddenly I felt this urge to smoke. But I didn’t give in. There was this group of 3 young girls, somewhere between 16 – 24. They went and sat opposite us. One of the girl started smoking. She looked very young and somehow I felt bad.

After a while, we were walking towards the place where our car was parked. We saw a young couple. Again here, the girl was smoking. Connaught Place was quite crowded that day. Youngsters from all over Delhi had come there to celebrate. Nothing wrong in it. But considering the times, I was wondering if these kids, especially girls, were right in coming in skimpy clothes and indulging in smoking and all.

I was wondering how these girls must have lied to their parents or even fought with them. There were no autorickshaw and very few buses. I wondered how they would get home. Did all of them have vehicles? Didn’t seem. As most looked from lower middle class. I also saw this Naga girl enquiring about bus and auto from policemen. Dozens of police men were on duty on that day. I really pitied the parents whose children had gone out that day.


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