Shopping Zombies


Show them a piece of cloth, pop up a placard having the word ‘Sale’ written on it and soon you can witness the onslaught of Shopping Zombies. In malls, in brand stores, pavement market they are everywhere.


If your boyfriend or husband is accompanying you, then you be extra careful. This breed of female Shopping Zombies are so engrossed in shopping that they push past your men with their boobs and butts. Amazing creatures – women!

Last time I went to shopping with my husband, I had turned into a “shopping zombie” myself. I would tell my husband that it was just gonna be over, the shopping I meant but soon I would tell him ‘One minute’ and dash off to see those alluring shoes, tees, tunics, urgh! It was an endless struggle. And I was at my favourite brand shop ‘Westside’. My husband was following me, yet patient, (so nice of him, isn’t it) but it was tough for the poor guy. Because now and then, another enthusiastic shopper would cross his path, pushing him past with all her might, butt and boobs. All unintentionally though! Lol.


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