Chal chal mere bhai, tere hath jodta hu,,,
Chal chal mere bhai, tere hath jodta hu

You know what when I first saw the metro operating I was so happy. Happy because we finally got rid of autorickshaws. I said to them silently, “Now you will be taught a lesson.” In mind, amidst jubilation I was bit sorry for them too that they will run out of their jobs. But I said might they would plead with government to give them alternate jobs. i scornfully looked at them and haughtily walked towards metro stations for quite some time. You bet, I got such a kick out of that as if telling them, “Yes now, who needs who?” But that notion of mine was short-lived.

Soon I had to go for autos and they showed me “who needs who”. Most of the autowallahs it appeared drove in particular area of their choice and that too for particular time. Afternoon they don’t take people. Seemed they have a daily target after which they are not bothered to earn. They don’t even stop to hear where you wanna go. It seems they don’t even care to earn. Their wallets might be heavier than yours. What would you call it if not autocracy?

On a serious note, we must not forget the Nirbhaya case where autowallahs played a major role. We must recall what the victim’s male friend told us later. The couple tried to get an auto initially and just because no autowallah yielded, they had to board the private bus.


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