The Great Indian Middle Class

Last week I had visited the famous Birla temple situated in the heart of Delhi. It was a Sunday and I had decided that besides darshan, I would spend some time sitting in the temple before the deity. When I was sitting at the temple, I was watching different people, families – all middle class. there was not a single affluent person, neither very poor.


I saw that the faith and tradition, the Sanatan Hindu Dharma – the Indianness of India was kept alive by only one class. the Great Indian Middle Class. I saw, I could discern these were the very people who tried hard to meet the basic needs of their family, day after day, toiling and struggling against rising price and other problems. Yet they were smiling. They are keeping up the traditional values, the family system, the religion and the principles, moral values – THE THINGS in which this great country’s identity survived.


Our political leaders address the poor strata in public functions while they mix up with the elite. Nobody is concerned about the difficulties of the middle class. The middle class in India, the educated (and to think that India is perhaps the only country in the world where the biggest number of educated unemployed people exist).

The middle class gets no help from the government. It is very hard to live a life of dignity for them. They really have to strive hard to have a life where they can enjoy holidays, recreational activities and little luxuries of life. After all, all these are as much necessary.

I am surprised to hear the PM speech on 15 August. Even our last straw of hope among the politicians, Narendra Modi, has started wooing the poor class. Rahul gandhi was already playing the poor man’s cards. Remember the famous Congress slogan – Garibi Hatao? This year on the Independence Day, for the first time in so many years I saw a radical shift in common people’s enthusiasm. There were much lesser greetings exchanged on Whatsapp, Facebook etc.  It is perhaps because people might have felt that this country has not given middle class its due. What do you think?


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