Why Don’t They Cook Food in West



My opinion. I think westerners still don’t know how to cook. They don’t cook their food at all. A little bit primitive that way. What they are doing actually is an assimilation of different items – meat, bread, sauces and vegetables. At the most, they lightly fry the meat. That’s it.

Whereas in East, starting with China, Japan and finally when it comes to India, we do proper cooking. We implement different cooking methods such as sauté, shallow fry, deep fry, steam, etc. We cook in such a way that the food is broken into small edible pieces. Whereas westerners don’t do that, they take large chunks of meat and then they tear it with fork or teeth. (Err!) We use spices which actually cook up a meat or vegetable. And they use sauces. They make them up – the sauces, or buy them from market. Cooking is done to break down food. So when that is not done, a hot-dog is not a cooked item.


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