Travel Back to God


I have found it, time and again, just as the water even when flown on the top of a mountain travels down towards the earth, my mind too finds its rest, peace, happiness and strength when I travel back to God. And the name of God has immense power, it’s for nothing that they say, “If you have faith as little as a mustard seed, you will tell the mountain “Move” and move it will.” The summary of entire Gita is – Surrendering.




Except God, you will NOT find peace anywhere. Peace is NOT there anywhere else. Humans look for peace in positions, objects, and relationships. But God has not kept it anywhere else at all; humans will not get peace in all these things.

Lord Narayan once said to Goddess Lakshmi, “Wealth, status, achievements, family….I have given everything to the world except ‘Peace’. Peace is not there in anything, I have not kept peace anywhere else in the world. Peace is not there anywhere except my feet. Man has to come to my feet for this.”

When you’re in Tamasic state, you should strive to go for Rajasic state and then gradually to Sattavic state. The mind has three Gunas, viz., Sattva (light, bliss, goodness), Rajas (passion, motion) and Tamas (inertia, darkness).

Barring one Atman, all rest of the things in our body are Prakriti (Nature). And it’s the character of Prakriti to go downwards like water. That’s why the Asurik (Evil) nature comes to us without even striving. And for the Daivi (Divine) nature, we have to strive.

Always be like the Fire, even if it is put upside down then its flame goes towards upper direction only.


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