Vacation in the Woods

This is about a little vacation at Rishikesh. I like this place quite a lot. A small heaven adjacent to Haridwar, the pilgrimage hub of India. I got to explore this resort in Rajaji National Park.


I have never really ventured into a farming land. This was my first experience and that too unexpected. To reach the resort, we had to walk through fields of wheat, parsley, cabbage and mustard. We walked on these narrow drains meant for watering the fields and reached a simple two storied newly built hostel kind building with a garden full of various flowers plants and even trees.

Our hosts had three beautiful dogs. You can see on of them in my video, his name was Rocket. Our room had thatched roof which gave it a village kind of ambience. Food was a memorable  experience there. Home-cooked farm grown organic vegetables served with utter love.

Streams flowing at a stone’s throw and exotic birds flying around, cattle and sheeps being grazed by native villagers. Quiet, serene and beautiful, if you love nature you would sure be bowled over by this place. Take a look at my vid. xoxo…     


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