Eat All You Can – Dhaba Style


I am not a foodie really. But I do appreciate extraordinary food whenever I come across. Like this one I found out in Delhi’s Aarakshan Road, a small dhaba called Gurudev. I ate from here four five times and what is outstanding about their food is it is more homely. They serve different vegetable dishes like Tinda, Bhindi and even Parwal. Everything tasting super yummy mostly rightly spiced and cooked in finest desi ghee and butter. It’s a jackpot considering the price, which is mostly around 50 to 70 rupees. The food has best quality ingredients, fresh from farm and spices are of superior quality.

It is best you go for a breakfast, you will get hot stuffed parantha served with scoop of butter and curd or Choley. Other dishes that you should try at Gurudev are Vegetable Pulao, Seasonal Vegetables and Paneer Butter Masala.

The place is very near to Connaught Place, so getting there is not a problem. A word of caution however, once you eat from this place it would be very difficult not to visit it again! 🙂


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