Big Boss 10: A Viewpoint


Big Boss 10 is around and I am watching it compulsively and now I am liking it too. This year we have a whole bunch of non-performing celebrities unlike last year where only Rimi Sen was annoying. I think VJ Bani is a snob. So is Karan. Rohan Mehra is an overgrown kid. Feel pity for him, it won’t be easy for him to ward off the kiddy tag. Monalisa is doing good, she is atleast participating in the show unlike Bani. Rest are grooving by the team. Easy money. Rahul Dev and Gaurav Chopra are trying to play, just trying.  Among the Indiawale, Swami Om is an entertainer. Manu Punjabi is good looking and playing good. Manveer Gurjar is also a genuine person and slowly winning hearts. Lokesh is million dollar bucks. Very entertaining and a surprise item from Delhi. She is a surprise because she exudes a style of her own which is not rustic or downmarket (considering her average background). All in all, Indiawale is making the show watchable though the crowd puller is still the Celebrities. That’s why they are sustaining too despite their


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