Sugary Days


Aha today I want to talk about health, how important it is to have sound health and what an asset it is! Ofcourse most of our lessons we learn late much late in life. (That’s what we call maturity, isn’t it? Lol!)

I am going to tell you about my tryst with diabetes, though I am at borderline, yet whenever I neglect to keep a watch on what I am eating. And no I don’t booze or love junk food, but my love for rice has given me lots of pain. After eating a plate,  I start feeling as if my body is full of toxic blood, there is this uneasiness and general unwell-being.

I start thinking what all I could do if I felt completely okay. And earlier I used to be scared but now I try to be patient and think how can I take measures. Because sickness at childhood was still enjoyable because you had your parents to take care and look after and make you feel special but when you are adult and having a family, things are different.

Oh yes, somebody told me diabetes is not a disease. What he meant was, you can control your eating habits and exercise to keep it at minimum and not let it interfere with your daily life. I truly agree with him going by my experience.

You can go through the link below to gain some insight into what you are eating and check if it is bad or good for you:…/data2f.html


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