A Different Perception of Old Age

I have a different perception of old age now after seeing Hazel. If you haven’t yet heard about  Hazel McCallion, let me tell you that she is the former mayor of Mississauga, Ontario. It took 96 years for former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion to get a day named after her. The retired politician celebrates her birthday on the Valentine’s day — and the same day has been christened as the Hazel McCallion Day.

The media rightly calls a ‘thriver’ and not just a ‘survivor’ and my god, she is pretty and feisty.This year, we got the first Hazel McCallion Day. I am not a feminist yes but ‘women power’ does make me giddy.  Hazel McCallion, I got to read about her in somebody’s post in Facebook and I said ‘WOW’! Doesn’t she have knee pains and all that stuff at her age which is 96 they said and they also said she played hockey. Man! Observe the way she talks as if breathing out oodles of infectious energy.



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