Eat Maharaja Style


How much food can you eat below $3 and that too the royal Indian thali style? Many of you might have eaten ‘thali’ – an Indian style platter, made up of a selection of various dishes, served on a dishware. I too had but this was the biggest thali and most number of dishes and rightfully called the Maharaja Thali. I am staying at Delhi and last week I visited the Rajdhani restaurant in Connaught Place, New Delhi with a friend.

The plate was oval shaped, so it looked larger than the usual thalis for the same purpose. The dishes that were served were from both Gujarat and Rajasthan. So you will have sweet and spicy signature dishes from the food loving regions of our country. The thali had four types of vegetables, kadi, two types of dal, raita, different types of rotis, dal baati, chutneys, three types of sweets and buttermilk. All unlimited. Burrp! .



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